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A broken heart is trying to beat inside
Searching for the words to comfort me tonight
In these sad times when I seem losing grip
All that I’m counting on is the promise you made

When troubles are in the way
You run to me

No one else knows the hurting I feel
Your tender touch is healing me within
When the journey is rough
You lead the way
You carry the pain that I hide for so long

Yes there are times I was never satisfied
I created a life so far from you
Yet You know all of my hearts desire
You gave me what I need so selflessly

Repeat Refrain & Chorus

For so long…

At my darkest hours You are the only light
That’s leading me guiding me home

Repeat Chorus

So long
For so long the pain I had
For so Long
When no one else knows that I’m hurting inside
You carry the pain that I hide for so long