Trust To The Lord

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When I seek the King of Kings
I wanna give praise to Him
When I feel the touch and love of God
All that I want is to be with Him
Almighty God
We glorify Your Name

There is no other one like You
The one we can lean on too
Love that He gave to us
It stays forever we’ll be together
If we trust to the Lord our God

When in times of troubles come our way
He always hear our prayers
Come to Him rejoice so tender
Jesus is the blessed redeemer
For the Lord we live
His power and love to bear

Repeat Chorus

If our fate is gone
We can never take His place that he hath done
We must find our ways
‘Coz there in heaven we can live in peace

Repeat Chorus 2x

Trust to the Lord
(There is no other one like Him)
Trust to the Lord
(If we trust in Him)
Our God