Ching HuaSermon

Good Morning Everyone! Allow me to share my experience just this morning 😊

I am currently employed in a private school institution and decided to resign and will be reporting until July this year. I have been passing resumes and application letters to multiple company’s that are hiring through Gmail accounts. Then last night I started to be discourage since of all the company’s I’ve reach out I never received any reply or feedback from them.

I started to doubt my self. Last night I feel that I can’t make it, I was so positive that I will be able to get another job without compromising the sabbath day but last night was a different story, I feel down, broke and doubting my self, my capabilities and worried. I slept with a heavy heart.

Then just this morning while on my way going to work, I seen my aunt and she asked me when will be my last day in the school then I said July, after few conversation she said, “try and try coz one day you’ll get hired”

As I arrived here in the office, I scan the book “Sons and daughters of God” then right before my eyes I have read this found on page 322 of the book it says “When you make up your mind to do something in which your heart is set, you do not give up for difficulties but try again and again” and then, on page 325 “The Lord Jesus will never leave nor forsake one humble trembling soul.”

You know what? One thing I realize today.
God is always in us, when we are discourage, lonely, sad, broken, struggling, when we are in pain God gives us comfort. We should never give up. We should trust Him.
Entrust to Him all our plans and Let God do the rest. ❤