Overcoming Envy and Nurturing a Relationship with God

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Today, I want to speak to you about a powerful emotion that can damage our relationship with God and with one another: envy. Envy is a destructive force that can eat away our hearts... (read more)

Navigating the Storms of Marriage: A Seventh-day Adventist Perspective on Divorce

Good day, dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Today, we gather here to discuss a topic that touches the lives of many in our congregation and beyond. It is a topic that can bring pain, confusion, and heartache to those... (read more)

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Money vs. God: Navigating the Spiritual and Material Realms

In the tapestry of human existence, two forces often vie for our attention and devotion: money and God. The pursuit of material wealth and the cultivation of spiritual richness are perennial themes that have shaped individuals, societies, and cultures for... (read more)

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Sabbath school lesson review presentation for Sept. 30, 2023


English Edition
PDF https://fustero.es/en_2023t314.pdf
PPTX https://fustero.es/en_2023t314.pptx

Tagalog Edition
PDF https://fustero.es/tl_2023t314.pdf
PPTX https://fustero.es/tl_2023t314.pptx

Cebuano Edition
PDF https://fustero.es/ce_2023t314.pdf
PPTX https://fustero.es/ce_2023t314.pptx

SDA Journal published a new article
Is It Bad to Be Rich as a Christian? Exploring Wealth and Faith

The question of whether it is bad to be rich as a Christian has been a topic of theological debate and moral reflection for centuries. The Bible provides guidance and principles that help us navigate this complex issue. While there... (read more)


SDA Journal published a new article
Finding Harmony in Love: Balancing Different Christian Denominations in Your Relationship

Love knows no boundaries, and it often leads people of different backgrounds and beliefs to each other. When dating someone from a different Christian denomination, it can be a rewarding experience, but it also presents unique challenges. This article explores... (read more)

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