A Chicken Story

SDA JournalSermon


The story is told of Joe the Butcher who had crafty ways of selling his chickens. He had one chicken left, and he didn’t want to keep it over the weekend. The pastor of his church came into the store. He said, “My wife sent me to buy a good size chicken to roast for dinner. We’re having my boys come back home from college.”

Joe said, “I have just what you need.” He went to the freezer and brought out the last chicken, the one nobody wanted, and put it on the scale. He said, “This one is 2 pounds 3 ounces.”

The pastor said, “It looks sort of small. Do you have anything else?”

Joe took the chicken back into the freezer and came back with the same chicken, the only one he had. He put it on the scale and this time said, “This one is 3 pounds and five ounces. But since you’re a man of God, I’m going to let you have it for the same price.”

The pastor said, “Well, thank you, but come to think of it, the way my boys eat, just go ahead and give me both of the chickens, and I’ll pay the higher price for them both.”

Just when he least expected it, Joe had been caught in a lie. When was the last time when you, like Joe, last time when you was caught in a lie? Although we don’t want to admit it, lying is one of the most common sins practiced by so called Christians… Are you one of them?