1. O sing my soul, your Maker’s praise
    In grateful hymns ascending;
    Whose steadfast love has crowned your days
    With heav’nly gifts un ending.
    I sought the Lord, He heard my cry;
    His holy angels hover nigh
    The tents of those who love Him.
  2. The Lord is good to those who seek
    His face in time of sorrow,
    Providing comfort to the weak
    And grace for each tomorrow.
    Though grief may tarry for a night,
    The morn shall break in joy and light
    With blessings from His presence.
  3. The Lord will turn His face in peace
    When troubled souls draw near Him;
    His loving kindness shall not cease
    To those who trust and fear Him.
    Our God will not forsake His own;
    Eternal is His heav’nly throne;
    His kingdom stands forever.