1. God Himself is with us;
    Let us all adore Him,
    And with awe appear before Him.
    God is here within us;
    Soul, in silence fear Him,
    Humbly, fervently draw near Him.
    Now His own who have known God,
    In worship lowly,
    Yield their spirits wholly.
  2. Come, abide within me;
    Let my soul, like Mary,
    Be Thine earthly sanctuary.
    Come, indwelling Spirit,
    With transfigured splendor;
    Love and honor will I render.
    Where I go here below,
    Let me bow before Thee,
    Know Thee and adore Thee.
  3. Gladly we surrender
    Earth’s deceitful treasures,
    Pride of life and sinful pleasures:
    Gladly, Lord, we offer
    Thine to be forever,
    Soul and life and each endeavor.
    Thou alone shall be known
    Lord of all our being,
    Life’s true way decreeing.