1. Lord of all nations, grant me grace
    To love all people, every race,
    And in each person may I see
    My kindred loved, redeemed by Thee.
  2. Break down the wall that would divide
    Thy children, Lord, on every side.
    My neighbor’s good let me pursue;
    Let Christian love bind warm and true.
  3. Forgive me, Lord, where I have erred
    By loveless act and thoughtless word.
    Make me to see the wrong I do
    Will crucify my Lord anew.
  4. Give me Thy courage, Lord, to speak
    Whenever strong oppress the weak.
    Should I myself the victim be,
    Help me forgive, remembering Thee.
  5. With Thine own love may I be filled
    And by Thy Holy Spirit willed,
    That all I touch, where’er I be,
    May be divinely touched by Thee.