1. Holy Spirit, gracious guest,
    Hear and grant our heart’s request
    For that gift supreme and best:
    Holy heav’nly love.
  2. Faith that mountains could remove,
    Tongues of earth or heaven above,
    Knowledge, all things, empty prove
    If I have no love.
  3. Though I as a martyr bleed,
    Give my goods the poor to feed,
    All is vain if love I need:
    Therefore give me love.
  4. Love is kind and suffers long,
    Love is pure and thinks no wrong,
    Love than death it self more strong:
    Therefore give us love.
  5. Prophecy will fade away,
    Melting in the light of day;
    Love will ever with us stay:
    Therefore give us love.
  6. Faith and hope and love we see
    Joining hand in hand agree-
    But the greatest of the three,
    And the best is love.