Scripture: (Num 27:6-7 NKJV)  And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying: {7} “The daughters of Zelophehad speak what is right; you shall surely give them a possession of inheritance among their father’s brothers, and cause the inheritance of their father to pass to them.

Observation: God cares for the widow and the orphan, so when the daughters of Zelphehad came to Moses asking for some inheritance for the, He told Moses that their request was fair and just and made provisions not only for them but for others who experience the loss of a loved one.

Application: So many make no provision for their children or family in case of their death.  The reality is that if a person makes no legal arrangements prior to their death or a time when they may not be able to make their own decisions, those decisions may be left up to their loved ones or to the court, people who know nothing about them.  Here are some examples:
1. If you have an accident and you are unable to make health decision for your care, your family will have to.  If you are in a vegetative state, and your family is asked to make the choice to discontinue life support, it is one of the most difficult, painful decisions for a loved one to make; but if you have your medical advance directives, then you are making the choice for yourself and the medical personnel simply have to abide by that.
2. If you don’t have a will, your children will be treated by the court as heathen; that is, the court may not make the choice as to where they are placed based on your faith, and so they could go to a relative or to anybody else, regardless of their personal beliefs or their commitment to God.  Do you want your children to be raised by someone who does not share the same beliefs, hope, and promises that you do?
3. More families have been fractured after the death of a loved one because of money and possessions.  Your will may not guarantee peace among your descendants, but at least you will be the one to decide how your possessions will be distributed.
4. Beside proper preparations for the distribution of your means, you can also decide on how you’d like your family to do with your body after death (cremation, donate to science, etc.), your funeral plans (who to speak, where to be buried, etc.), and all the other things related to the days after your death.
5. The most important benefit you can leave your family is the memories you create now and those they can enjoy for a long time to come.  Make videos, take pictures, leave each member of the family something special, write letters, tell stories of your family of origin and of their upbringing that they can hear and retell to their own children.  All those memories may be one of the most valuable treasures you pass on to the next generation.
6. Pass down your faith.  All the treasures you may leave your children will one day disappear, but your faith and personal knowledge of God will continue for eternity.

A Prayer You May Say: Father, thank you for our children; help us to give them the best inheritance which is that which lasts forever.

Used by permission of Adventist Family Ministries, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.



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