1. You that know the Lord is gracious,
    You for whom a cornerstone
    Stands, of God elect and precious,
    Laid that you may build there-on,
    See that on that sure foundation
    You a living temple raise.
    Towers that may tell forth salvation,
    Walls that may reech-o praise.
  2. Living stones by God appointed
    Each to his allotted place,
    Kings and priests, by God anointed,
    Shall you not declare His grace?
    You, a royal generation,
    Tell the tidings of your birth,
    Tidings of a new creation
    To an old and weary earth.
  3. Tell the praise of Him who called you
    Out of darkness into light,
    Broke the fetters that enthralled you,
    Gave you freedom, peace, and sight:
    Tell the tale of sins forgiven,
    Strength renewed and hope restored,
    Till the earth, in tune with heaven,
    Praise and magnify the Lord.