1. O Jesus, thou art standing,
    outside the fast closed door,
    in lowly patience waiting
    to pass the threshold o’er:
    O shame, professing Christians,
    his Name and sign who bear,
    O shame, thrice shame upon us,
    to keep him standing there!
  2. O Jesus, thou art knocking;
    and lo, that hand is scarred,
    and thorns thy brow encircle,
    and tears thy face have marred:
    O love that passeth knowledge,
    so patiently to wait!
    O sin that hath no equal,
    so fast to bar the gate!
  3. O Jesus, thou art pleading
    in accents meek and low,
    “I died for you, my children,
    and will you treat me so?”
    O Lord, with shame and sorrow
    we open now the door;
    dear Savior, enter, enter,
    and leave us never more.