1. Life is great! So sing about it,
    As we can and as we should-
    Shop and buses, towns and people,
    Village, farmland, field and wood,
    Life is great and life is given;
    Life is lovely, free and good.
  2. Life is great! What ever happens,
    Snow or sunshine, joy or pain,
    Hardship, grief or disillusion,
    Suffering that I can’t explain
    Life is great if someone loves me,
    Holds my hand and calls my name.
  3. Love is great! The love of lovers,
    Whispered words and longing eyes;
    Love that gazes at the cradle
    Where a child of loving lies;
    Love that lasts when youth has faded,
    Bends with age, but never dies.
  4. Love is giving and receiving
    Boy and girl, or friend with friend;
    Love is bearing and forgiving
    All the hurts that hate can send;
    Love’s the greatest way of living,
    Hoping, trusting to the end.
  5. God is great! in Christ He loved us,
    As we should, but never can-
    Love that suffered, hoped and trusted
    When disciples turned and ran,
    Love that broke through death forever.
    Praise that loving, living Man!