1. Great our joy as now we gather
    Where the Master makes us one:
    Where we worship God the Father
    Thro’ the Spirit of His Son.
    All who search for His church
    Find it where His will is done.
  2. Precious is the tie that binds us
    To our God when faith grows cold;
    Precious all that now reminds us
    He is still our safe stronghold.
    Faithful love serves to prove
    Here the Shepherd has His fold.
  3. May we learn from Christ’s example
    How to use this house of prayer:
    He who loved and cleansed His temple
    Wants us all to worship there.
    God the Son shuts out none:
    In His kingdom all may share.
  4. Lord, inspire us with Your vision
    Of a world which must be won!
    Glorious is the church’s mission,
    Long endeavoured, scarce begun!
    Faithful now – this is how
    God’s eternal will is done.