1. God, who stretched the spangled heavens
    Infinite in time and place,
    Flung the suns in burning radiance
    Through the silent fields of space;
    We, Your children in Your likeness,
    Share inventive powers with You;
    Great Creator, still creating,
    Show us what we yet may do.
  2. We have ventured worlds undreamed of
    Since the childhood of our race;
    Knowing the ecstasy of winging
    Through untraveled realms of space,
    Probed the secrets of the atom,
    Yielding unimagined power,
    Facing us with life’s destruction
    Or our most triumphant hour.
  3. As each far horizon beckons,
    May it challenge us anew:
    Children of creative purpose,
    Serving others, honoring You.
    May our dreams prove rich with promise;
    Each endeavor well begun;
    Great Creator, give us guidance
    Till our goals and Yours are one.