I could expound on Ray Kroc, who started McDonald’s at 52; Laura Ingalls Wilder, who published her first Little House book at age 65; or Grandma Moses, who began painting at age 75. Benjamin Franklin signed the U.S. Constitution at age 81. Golda Meir became Israel’s prime minister when she was 70. Ronald Reagan became President of the United States just 16 days before his 70th birthday. And Peter Mark Roget published his well-used thesaurus at the age of 73.

Still, I think Moses rises to the top of all leaders in Scripture for his service to God in his latter years. His call at the burning bush happened when he was 80 years old. In his first 40 years, he learned the ways of the Egyptians. In his second 40 years, he had to unlearn many things. Then, from the ages of 80 to 120, this intelligent and humble man led Israel to the border of the Promised Land. 😀



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