I have been w/ the SDA circa 1980 and could have become a Regular Adventist (hope I said the “church status” correctly) at that time, but circumstances (or maybe God’s will in His due time) did not allow it! While awaiting Baptism after completing Bible Study, the news came (according to my Bible Study Teacher) that my baptism was going to be postponed in lieu of another (in fact this “another” guy has already become a friend) because his father (who has a High Office w/ the “National” SDA Church is coming, and it would be (I think they thought so) an embarrassment for the Local Congregation when and how the father would react to see his son treated “second class” in that Local Congregation! But for me, I saw this as a “Political Maneuver”, w/c I think all “True” Church (not only SDA) should never delve (lest even think about it) into as the Lord Jesus Christ warned us in Revelation 2 to 3 (I compare that SDA Local Congregation which I happened to interact with during that time to the Church at Ephesus, the Church at Pergamum, the Church at Thyatira, the Church at Sardis, and the Church at Laodicea)! And my decision to leave the congregation at that time was prompt, because nobody explained to me the situation, at least, and made me felt a Member for “headcount purposes” only, which is not my purpose in joining a Church! Before this, I was w/ the Roman Catholic Church, (which I consider to be like the Church at Laodicea) but also left it in my desire to find and join a Church that fits in “form’ and “substance” to resemble the Church at Smyrna and the Church at Philadelphia during the time of the Apostles John and Paul!