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In ancient times
God built a monument
At the dawn of creation
He hallowed and blessed
Those moments of rest
That day of complete veneration

That pillar He made not of stone, but of time
The hours were sacred the idea divine
And the morning stars sang the joy, they did shine
And shout, that first week of creation

And lest they forget He made angel’s food fall
Down from the sky, on all days but one
And He wrote it down for the sake of us all
Among the ten rules on the stone

Those rules about murder and stealing, and lying
Engraving with blazing finger, defying
Whoever in heaven or hell should endeavor
To change the commandments He wrote

Here is the patience of the saints
Here are those who keep
The commandments of God
And the faith of Jesus

Then came God’s own Son to show us the way
He hallowed that same Sabbath day
The pure Lamb of God as our soil He trod
In God’s perfect will He did stay

Til heaven and earth shall indeed pass away
Not one dot or one dash will be changed, He did say
The apostles of old kept and honored, we’re told
That same law that their Master obeyed

For three hundred years after our Savior died
And arose from the grave and ascended on high
The Christians respected the law in the stone
The one written with finger divine

But then came the day Constantine was his name
The emperor who over Rome did reign
Tore down the old landmark the pillar of God
And erected the day of the sun

Repeat Chorus

As millennia passed
The memory of God’s pillar of time was slowly erased
By the ceaseless face of generations
Of human traditions and days

But God calls His people out from among them
To point to His word and light up the darkness
And restore the knowledge of God’s special covenant
Preserving the dawning of time

Lest you think that the crowds Can’t be wrong today
Remember the crowd in a land far away
The mob who blindly Rejected their king
And of the pride priest And their deadly sting
As the jealous, lying accusations they bring
And they murder their humble Messiah

The beast left its mark on the pages of time
Pushed a heathen day in a place of the divine
Thought to change times and laws
The laws that God’s finger
Engraved on the tables of stone

Those who opposed it, it tramples and kills
That city that sits on seven hills
That mark it cause
Small and great to receive on forehead or hand
On thought or in deed
It cares not whether you’re really deceived
or just afraid, and so follow it’s lead

Repeat Chorus

Remember (If you love Me, Keep my commandments)
Remember (If you love Me, Keep my commandments)