He Is Able

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Like peering through a window blurred with rain
Emotions run together in a flood of doubt and pain
We’ve prayed as best we can
Now we must leave it in His hands

Yet I know when my eyes fail to see
He is able
Even though it seems impossible to me
He is able
But if He chooses not to move
In the way we prayed He would
I’m confident He is working all together for my good
I will stand behind His word
For He is able

Questions seem to haunt us night and day
How could God allow my heart to be torn this way
Does He listen when I call?
Is He even there at all?

Repeat Chorus

He is able

And as the night gives a way to dawning and evaporates away
I’ll stand to face another day
I will stand behind his word
For He is able
He is able
He is able